Dr. Maria Montessori's Time Line:

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1870 - 1952A
1870A August 31st:A MontessoriA was born in Chiaravalle, Ancona, Italy.A
1890A Montessori began a maths and science diploma course at the University of Rome.A
1892A Montessori, aged twenty-twoA began a course for aA medical degree.A

1896A July 10th: Montessori was awarded her degree as a doctorA of medicine.

September: Dr. Montessori goes to Berlin to speak at a women's conference.

November: Dr. MontessoriA was appointed as a surgical assistant atA the Santo Spirito Hospital, Rome.A

1897A Dr. Montessori spoke at a national conference on children with learning difficulties in Turin.A

1898A Dr. Montessori joined the National League for the Education of Retarded Children.

February: Dr. Montessori lectured in Milan, Padua, Venice, and Genoa on 'The New Women' and 'Modern Charity'A

1899A Dr. Montessori was appointed as a lecturer at the women's teacher training college and as a director of the State Orthophrenic School for children with learning difficulties inA Rome.A She received an award for outstanding service in hospitals.A Dr. MontessoriA gave lecturers in Paris and London where she was presented to Queen Victoria.A
1901A This is the probable year of her son Mario's birth.A Aged thirty-one,A Maria returned to the University of Rome as a student of teaching, hygiene and psychology.A A
1904A December:A Dr.Montessori was appointed as a lecturer in science and medicine at the University of Rome.A
1907A January 6th:A The first Children's House,A theA Casa dei Bambini at San Lorenzo, was opened.A

1909A The fourth Children's House, for victims of the Messina earthquake, was opened.

The first Montessori training course was held at Citta di Castello.A

1910A The Montessori MethodA was published and the U.S. magazine, McClure's, published a long article about Dr. MontessoriA
1912A The first English translation of The Montessori Method was published.A
1913A At the age of forty-three,A Dr. Montessori set out on her first visit to the U.S.A. and the first Montessori school opened in Spain.A
1914A Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook was published.A
1915A Dr.Montessori leftA for her second and last tour of the United StatesA
1919A Dr. Montessori held her first training course in Britain.A

1922A The first Children's House opened in Austria.

October:A Benito Mussolini took over power in Italy.A

1924A April:A Mussolini's government agreed to support Montessori.A
1929A The Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I) was founded in Berlin and the first International Montessori Congress was held at Elsinore in Denmark.A
1930A The British branch of the A.M.I was formed.A
1934A The Montessori schools in ItalyA were closed by Mussolini.A Dr. Montessori left ItalyA to live in Spain.A
1935A The A.M.I. moved to Amsterdam where it is still based.A
1936A Maria Montessori left Spain and settled in Holland.A

1939A September:A World War II broke out in Europe.

October:A A Dr. Montessori aged sixty-nine and her son Mario left Holland to work in India.A A

1946A July 30th:A A Dr. Montessori returned to Amsterdam.A
1947A Dr. MontessoriA aged seventy-six, undertook a lecture tour in India which lasted for two years.A
1948A WhatA You Should Know About Your Child andA The Discovery of the Child were published.
1949A Dr. Montessori visited Pakistan, Italy, France, Austria, Britain and Ireland.A The Absorbent Mind was published and she was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.A

1950A At the age of seventy-nine, Dr. Montessori gave lecture tours in Norway andA Sweden.

June:A She spoke to the United Nations education conference in Florence, Italy about the 'International year of the Child' and was again nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.A

1951A July:A Dr. Montessori ran a training course at Innsbruck, Austria.A For the third and final time Dr. Montessori was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.A
1952A May 6th:A At the age ofA eighty-one, Dr. Montessori died in her friends gardenA at Noordwijk aan Zee in Holland.A She was buried in the local cemetery in Noordwijk.A