M.E (UK) Accreditation - Registration

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Accreditation Registration Fee

Before proceeding to apply for Montessori Accreditation, you must register first.

When you register, you will receive your Schools Handbook, containing not only the information you have just read, but also the details necessary for you to make the accreditation process a productive and successful one for your school.

You will also receive access to download your first application forms. Once you have filled these in, they can be sent to the Montessori Accreditation Co-ordinator accreditation@montessorieducationuk.org, so that she may allocate a suitable Mentor to you and contact you about possible dates for visits.

Registering you and your school's details will also entitle you to a username and password that you should keep safe. You will need these to return to this website to complete your application.

As soon as your payment is received, you will receive an email with a username and password. Do not delete this email, it contains details for the next step in your application process, as well as your unique username and password.

When you are ready to proceed with your application, return to your email and click on the link within the email to return to the Montessori Accreditation website. Enter your username and password. Instructions for continuing your application will be presented to you.

If however, you do not wish to complete your registration via email please telephone the Schools Accreditation Co-ordinator,A Nuccia Lipscombe on 0787 762 0524.

Price: 25.00