Montessori Accreditation Process

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There are four stages to the Montessori Accreditation process, ending in the award of Montessori Education (UK) Accreditation:


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The red pathway consists of one Mentor visit to help the school prepare for their final Assessor visit. Schools needing more support should choose another pathway.


This pathway is the same as the Red Pathway plus one additional Mentor visit.


This pathway is the same as the Blue Pathway plus as many additonal Mentor visits as required.

If ME(UK) is satisfied that the school offers a high standard of Montessori education, accreditation is granted for 4 years, extended to a further 3 after a successful spot check visit.

At each stage, the Montessori Accreditation Co-ordinator will be on hand to guide and advise you as well as allocating and managing the schedule of visits by both the Mentors and Assessors.