Montessori Accreditation Mentors

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Montessori Education (UK) has a panel of MentorsA trained to support schools through Montessori Accreditation.

To be eligible to train to become a Mentor a person must:

  • hold a Montessori Diploma for the relevant age group from a recognised teacher training college
  • hold a Montessori Education (UK) Assessors Certificate
  • have a minimum of five years Montessori teaching experience with at least three years of the past five years in the same class
  • have a minimum of three years administrative experience either as the owner or head teacher of a school
  • be working in, or a proprietor of, a previously accredited school
  • have undergone a Montessori Education (UK) accreditation process as an owner or member of staff in an Accredited school.


Margaret Dillane

Helen Prochazka