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Who will assess my school?

The Council has a trained team of certified Assessors who hold Montessori Diplomas from all the major recognised Montessori Training Providers.

  • Assessors will own or work in an accredited school or a school going through the accreditation process.
  • All Assessors hold a School Accreditation Assessors Certificate awarded by ME (UK) on the successful completion of their Assessor Training Course.

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What does accreditation involve?

ME (UK) sends the school an Accreditation Handbook and application forms. The school submits its registration fee and application form.  The Accreditation coordinator emails forms and once completed and returned dates are arranged for an assessor to visit.

We do not expect all schools to meet all the criteria. If you are in doubt, please contact us by phone at any stage in the proceedings.

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What will we receive?

A certificate with the date of accreditation; a regulatory licence to use the Montessori Education (UK) logo; ongoing professional workshop (Accredited Schools Day) organised by ME (UK); inclusion as an Accredited School in the ME (UK) Accredited Schools list, which is made available to parents, the general public, Ofsted, Social Services and other public bodies.

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How long does accreditation last?

Certification will be awarded to a school for a period of four years, which may be extended by three years following a successful 'spot check' visit in the fourth year of accreditation.

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What will accreditation cost?

Registration and all relevant documentation, together with access to the Accredited Schools area of the website: £25.00

The accreditation fee, to cover 1 pre-arranged visits for up to 2 classes: £495.00

Annual per capita fee per child on the roll for the subsequent years following accreditation: £9.00 per child

We recognise that all schools are managed on tight budgets and that these figures may seem to be a large sum. Funding for accreditation may be available from your Local Authority to support quality assurance.

Be assured that ME (UK) is a charitable organisation.

Expenses incurred by assessors: variable

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I run a successfully established school with a long waiting list. Why would accreditation be of use to me?

Nursery education is going through a period of rapid change. The idea of quality assurance is uppermost in everyone's mind. Therefore it falls to us to ensure that Montessori is able to offer a common standard to parents, educators, local licensing bodies and other interested professionals in the field of early childhood education.

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I have only just opened my school. Can my school be accredited?

Yes, provided that you have a minimum of 8 children on a daily basis, 5 days a week.

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I am a Montessori trained teacher looking after children in a home environment. What can M.E.(UK) do for me?

We are anxious to establish contact with the many teachers, Montessori nannies, mothers and childminders who look after children in the home environment in order to provide you with information and professional support for your work. 

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What steps do I have to take to become accredited?

Send your details to us using the application form and make your registration payment of £25.00 using Paypal or by cheque. You will then be able to progress through the stages of the accreditation process at your own pace.

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If you have any further questions please Contact Us