Why Should a School be Accredited by ME(UK)?

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Why you need to be accredited by Montessori Education (UK)

  • To celebrate and show your commitment to authentic Montessori practice.
  • To give parents reassurance of quality in the care and education of their children.
  • To fulfil your local authority requirement to be quality assured.

What you receive when you choose Montessori Education (UK) Accreditation

  • An accreditation process that is a supportive and postive experience giving you an opportunity to develop and reinforce the Montessori practice of your staff and school.
  • An experienced professional Montessori qualified Mentor who will help you to prepare for your accreditation and be available for continued support.
  • An experienced professional Montessori qualified Assessor who is chosen with your particular provision in mind.
  • Support through the accreditation process and beyond from the School Accreditation Coordinator.

What you receive when you achieve Montessori Education (UK) Accreditation

  • The parents in your school will have peace of mind that their child attends an authentic and dedicated Montessori provision.
  • A Certificate with unique accreditation number.
  • A plaque for the entrance to your Montessori provision advertising your success.
  • Use of the ME(UK) logo on all publications advertising that you are accredited by Montessori Education (UK).
  • A complimentary invitation to attend the Accredited Schools' Day once a year for continued Montessori professional development including attendance certificate.
  • A reduced delegate fee to attend the annual Montessori Education (UK) National Conference.
  • Access to all areas of the ME(UK) website including the practitioner's Questions & Answers page.

The parents in your school will pay a nominal per capita fee each year which will include an invitation to become a Friend of ME(UK) with access to the website including parent Questions and Answers page.

When you become a Montessori Accredited school you become part of a supportive and nurturing Montessori community of dedicated practitioners.