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Name of School:


School Address:

Tower Mains Studios

Mill House

18N Liberton Brae


EH16 6AE

Name of Proprietor: Emma Wardell
Contact Address: As above
Telephone Number: 0131 446 0777
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Description: At EMAS we are passionate about our personalised and progressive educational approach.  Our small school, founded in 2006, is an ideal learning sanctuary in which children learn and grow at their own pace as valued members of our close-knit school community.  Our art, drama, dance and music specialists inspire stimulating creative activities in addition to the generous opportunities provided by the Montessori classroom environments.
No. on School Roll: 9 (Infant community) 24 (Children's House) 21 (Elementary)
Ages: 1 - 12 years
Opening Hours: 8.30 - 3.30
Term Dates: Term time (38 weeks)
Accredited by ME(UK) in:


School Address:



PH11 8LT 

Name of Proprietor:  Margaret Saunders
Contact Address:  As above

Telephone Number:

 01828 640722
Email address:
Web address:

Netherton Montessori Nursery School is situated in rural Perthshire, surrounded by farmland and woods.  We are located within the proprietor's house and provide real home from home experiences for the children.  Dr Maria Montessori stated that 'Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment' and it is our intention to rpovide your child with these learning experiences.  We aim to satisfy your child's expectations and ear the trust needed for the curiosity to be satisfied and self-development to arise. 


Your child arrives at nursery more or less in a cocoon of wonder and expectation at the age of 2.5.  In less that two years the same child will be sufficiently independant and accomplished to get through a whole day with minimum adult intervention. 


The essentials of personal co-ordination and control learnt will include washing, dressing, eating, preparing food and being physically agile; and social skills include holding a conversation, taking turns, having opinions, making choices, exercising self-discipline and acting with joy and enthusiasm at work and play. 


Intellectually and creatively, your child will be able to exercise the concentration and judgment needed to perform a wide range of tasks in maths, language, art, music and drama and physical activity.  The acquisition of general knowledge, with the early introduction of geography, history, biology and ecology will light a spark of curiosity that will be harnessed for life.  Although there is a higly structured curriculum through which these subjects are presented at each stage, your child experiences only a seamless atmosphere of holistic development driven by the will to learn. 


Depending on their date of birth, your children will leave us at an age somewhere between four and a half and five and a half.  What can we give them to take forward to their new primary schools?  There is a check list which Montessori teachers use as a guide and anyone would benefit from achieving it: joy, love of work, love of beauty and reality, ability to concentrate and work alone, sense of social responsibility, love of community, independence and compassion.


When parents come to the school for the final meeting as we say goodbye to your children, we have to buy in extra boxes of tissues becuase it is the case that this list is pretty well always complete. 

No. on School roll:  19


 2.5 - 5
Opening Hours:  9am - 3pm (with an additional hour of after school care until 4pm is available)
Term Dates:  Term time (38 weeks)
Accredited by ME (UK) in: 2015

Name of School:

School Address:

23 Park Circus


G3 6AP

Name of Proprietor: Denise Guthrie
Contact Address: As above
Telephone Number: 0141 332 4848
Fax Number:  
E.Mail Address:
Web Address:
Description: Our nursery fully embraces the Montessori philosophy with trained staff to help and guide both children and parents. We have been established since 1996.  We are positioned in a lovely Grade  listed building with it's own private courtyard garden. We share private gardens and are at the entrance to the Kelvingrore park. Our curriculum also includes Yoga, Spanish and music to enhance our children's experiences.

No. on School Roll:

35 registered places
Ages: 2 - 5 years
Opening Hours: 8.00 am to 5.30 pm
Term Dates: closed Christmas & Easter period only
Accredited by ME(UK) in

Since December 2009