Award of Accreditation

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If the assessor recommends that accreditation be granted, and provided that Montessori Education (UK) is satisfied that the school is meeting the standards required, the school is granted accreditation for a period of four years. Schools that are granted accreditation are awarded a certificate.  On signing a licence agreement, the school has the right to use the Montessori Education (UK) logo with the wording, This is a MONTESSORI ACCREDITED School accredited by Montessori Education (UK) Ltd. With the express permission of Montessori Education (UK), this logo may be included on stationery, brochures, stickers and T-shirts, as well as in advertisements promoting the Montessori education offered by the school. Each year the accredited school is required to complete an annual return confirming contact details, providing staff and enrolment details, and giving notice of any relevant changes that may have occurred in the year. A small annual per capita fee, based on the number of children enrolled in the school, is payable from the date of accreditation on a pro-rata basis. We recommend that this fee is itemised as a separate item on school invoices for school fees, to highlight to parents the benefit and value to their child of attending a Montessori Accredited school.The school is given a plaque in recognition of its achievement.