Supplementary Observation Guidance

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If you are not already undertaking regular written obervations, please find attached a selection of observation forms that you may wish to utilise.A Your MEUK mentor is available to discuss these and any other types of observation you may wish to undertake.

Quality of Adult/Child Interactions

This form may be used to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of adult/child interactions in your class.

Evaluation of Teachers

This form which will be used by your ME(UK) Assessor may help you to focus on key issues whilst undertaking peer observation of individual adult/child interactions in your class.

Chart for Individual Child Observations

This chart enables you to observe one child per day or the same child every day for one week.

Observation Graph for whole class activity

This graph enables you to record the number of children participating in each of the curriculum areas at three points in time duringA a morning session.A A


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