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LANGUAGE - the key to unlocking every child's potential

We use language to think, to express ourselves and to make relationships with other people. Language is the key to both reading and writing. It is the means by which we can explore the past and anticipate the future - but most importantly it is the unique possession of every human being and a key to unlocking the hidden potential of every child.

Aid to Life Event Maria Montessori Institute 26th November 2011

Professional Development Day at the Maria Montessori Institute on the 26th November. At the Seminar Louise Livingston and Sarah Emerson will outline a Parent Support Programme using the Aid to Life Materials and it will be the first opportunity to buy the DVDs and Booklets in the UK. (Bring your cheque book with you as you will only be able to pay by cheque for this - not card)

ME(UK) Thirteenth National Conference 2011

ME(UK) Thirteenth National Conference: Montessori from Birth to Adolescence. Quotes are now available for ME(UK) Accreditated schools and Friends of ME(UK)

'The presentations were mind blowing - so informative so thought provoking. I only wish I had children who could attend the settings of the first two speakers so that they could experience what I did in two hours.'

Dr. Maria Montessori's Time Line:

1870 - 1952
1870 August 31st: Montessori was born in Chiaravalle, Ancona, Italy.
1890 Montessori began a maths and science diploma course at the University of Rome.
1892 Montessori, aged twenty-twoA began a course for a medical degree.

1896 July 10th: Montessori was awarded her degree as a doctor of medicine.

Food: Preparation & Serving



Shared with permission ofA The Joyful Child Montessori Company: www.thejoyfulchild.usA


ME(UK) Twelfth National Conference

ME(UK) Twelfth National Conference:A Supporting the Mathematical MindA A Notes now available to ME(UK) Accredited Schools

'I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a great conference.A We were buzzing on our way home and discussing how we will now look at maths in the classroom'.

ME(UK) 'Imagine a Place' Leaflet

ME(UK) 'Imagine a Place' Leaflet

'Imagine a place whereA it is understood that children learn through what they do rather than what they are told.'

'Imagine a place where children are helped to challenge themselves in a non-competitive atmosphere'A

A leaflet for you to print describing various aspects of a M.E(UK) Accredited Montessori school.

Montessori and the EYFS

Hard copies & downloadable Montessori & the EYFS:A

To order a Hard copy of the Montessori & the EYFS document:

This is an authoritative and very significant piece of work designed from a Montessori perspective to help you to convey the unique characteristics and the great value of the way we work with children, our Montessori process, to traditionally trained early years colleagues and other professionals, by setting it carefully against the EYFS.

Supplementary Observation Guidance

If you are not already undertaking regular written obervations, please find attached a selection of observation forms that you may wish to utilise.A Your MEUK mentor is available to discuss these and any other types of observation you may wish to undertake.

Quality of Adult/Child Interactions

This form may be used to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of adult/child interactions in your class.

Evaluation of Teachers