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Montessori Education UK 2017 Conference 13th May 2017

'Harmonious Development of the Child'

Montessori made discoveries based on her observations in Children's Houses that were ground-breaking in her time. Some of the latest research on movement, cognition and attention demonstrates that Montessori is not only still relevant today but that, perhaps, modern science is just starting to catch up.

Speakers: Dr Annette M Haines and Alex Shepherd

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The Montessori Society AMI 2015 Annual Seminar 7th February

After a long eight-year wait the Montessori Society AMI are thrilled to have Shannon Helfrich back in the UK to talk to the UK's Montessori Community.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from and her engaging, articulate and thoughtful style has never failed to capture audiences world-wide.

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MEUK 16th National Conference 17th May 2014

Montessori Education (UK) 16th National Conference 'The Compassionate Montessori Practitioner and mind-mindedness'

Elizabeth Meins: Early mind-mindedness and it's role in predicting a child's development.

Emma Rattigan: The Compassionate Facilitator

Pamela Stewart & Beverley Maragh: Born Inside


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Accredited School Day 22nd March 2014

Accredited Schools Day is free to any MEUK Accredited School. It took place in London on 22nd March. Attached is a handout given on the day.

For further details and to book your place on the next Accredited schools please contact Nuccia Lipscombe 0787 659 3511



The Children's House - an Environment Prepared for the Spontaneous Development of Children

'The foundation of development and growth lies in progressive and ever more intimate relations between the individual and his environment, for the development of individuality and what is called the freedom of the child, can be nothing else than this progressive independence of the adult., realised by means of a suitable environment in which he can find the necessary means of evolving his functions.'

Maria Montessori

20th Anniversary Conference 18th May 2013 with Lynne Lawrence

ME(UK) 20th Anniversary Conference Saturday 18th May 2013 with Lynne Lawrence

As Montessori teachers we all know that children will seek activity that will lead them towards positive self-creation if we provide them with the right environment for this to happen.  However...


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Montessori in the Home MMI short course

MONTESSORI IN THE HOME - a short course for parents of children under 3.

MMIA is holding a six week orientation for parents, carers and anyone interested in young children and their development.

MMI are holding this short course in Hampstead and Hornsey Rise.

Please see attached posters (one for each location) and application form.

Montessori Journey & Discovery, seminar being held by MMI

MONTESSORI JOURNEY AND DISCOVERY - a seminar being heldA by MMI - open to all teachers.

Are you struggling to persuade your parents to keep their children with you beyond the age of 4?

Do your parents love what you are doing but still jump ship when it comes to 'real' school?

Would you like to set up a Montessori primary school but are unsure about whether you will persuade enough parents to commit to it?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to attend the 'Montessori Journey and Discovery' seminar.

14th National ME(UK) Conference

14th National ME(UK) Conference 19th May 2012

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel SW1


21st Century Boys and Girls:A Gender Differences in the Modern World

Sue Palmer is an early years expert with a particular passion for the preservation of childhood. She is a much sought after spokesperson on this subject and is the author of the bestselling book 'Toxic Childhhood'. More recently she turned her attention to the needs of boys when researching for her book '21st Century Boys'.

The Risk of Not Taking Risks. Montessori Society AMI UK's Annual Seminar 2012

"The greatest danger of our present times is man's own unawareness of, or blindness to, his power over conditions that are certainly extremely and almost fatally dangerous but largely depend upon himself and should, therefore, be more easily understood and mastered than much that has so brilliantly been conquered before...

Man masters almost everything but himself."