ME(UK) Twelfth National Conference

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ME(UK) Twelfth National Conference:A Supporting the Mathematical MindA A Notes now available to ME(UK) Accredited Schools

'I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a great conference.A We were buzzing on our way home and discussing how we will now look at maths in the classroom'.

'Thank you again for providing us with an opportunity to network; get inspired and share our love of Montessori and for once again showing us how to see the child- as we all get lost in our day to day routines and agendas and often forget the brilliance of childhood.'

Montessori observed that young children love maths - that they have hunger to explore mathematical concepts from a very young age because it is at this time that they are developing their capacity to reason, use logic and think symbolically.A We also know that they have a huge capacity to absorb concepts in the first six years of life.A If this is so then it is our duty as Montessori teachers toA make sure that we offer a full foundation for future mathematical understanding - not just the numbers from one to ten - but all of the operations we can perform with these numbers and a means by which children can effortlessly memorise mathematical facts.A In order to do this we first need to love and understand these concepts ourselves.

At this years conference in an exciting new venue Louise Livingston helped to explore the full scope of Montessori Maths for the Children's House and gave insight into how we can offer these ideas to children in an exciting and stimulating way by examining the principles that should guide your presentations.

Louise is an AMI Teacher Trainer at the Maria Montessori Institute AMI.A She is also an ME(UK) CouncilA member.

The conference was very well attended with Accredited and non-Accredited schools attending withA their staff and students from the training centres.

Louise has given ME(UK) Accredited schools the opportunity to download complete notes from the conference.A If you need further information regarding Accreditation please email the Accreditation Coordinator Nuccia Lipscombe.A

Michael and Clare Morpurgo who are the patrons of ME(UK)A sentA the followingA statement:

Any farmer will tell you that unless the soil is well tilled, unless the seed corn is given the right protection and encouragement and enrichment, unless the early shoots can benefit from enough sun and enough rain, the corn will not grow as it should.

Maria Montessori knew that.A So do we.A So do you.A But it still seems to be the case that those who make our education policy simply do not understand the importance of the early years of a child, how vital they are for healthy growth of mind and body and spirit, and of society too.

Best wishes to you all for a happy, successful conference,

Michael and Clare Morpurgo.