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The Children's House - an Environment Prepared for the Spontaneous Development of Children

'The foundation of development and growth lies in progressive and ever more intimate relations between the individual and his environment, for the development of individuality and what is called the freedom of the child, can be nothing else than this progressive independence of the adult., realised by means of a suitable environment in which he can find the necessary means of evolving his functions.'

Maria Montessori

This year at the Accredited Schools Day we will revisit the principles of the prepared environment and reflect on how we can make sure that the environment we are preparing is really facilitating the children's auto-education.

Workshop Leader:A Louise Livingston, MEUK Council Member and Director of Training at the Maria Montessori Institute

MEUK Accredited School's Day is free to all schools accredited by MEUK and those schools in the MEUK accreditation process. If you wish your school to be accredited for it's Authentic Montessori please call or email the MEUK Accreditation Coordinator on 0787 659 3511 or email