Background to Montessori Education (UK)

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Montessori Education (UK), ME(UK), is a registered charity which was founded in 1993 in response to public demand for an independent organisation committed to representing the Montessori community and promoting uniformly high standards across all Montessori schools and training providers in the United Kingdom.

At that time Montessori education had a proven record of excellence, but given that the name Montessori can be freely used without necessarily incorporating the theory or practice of the Montessori method, there was a real danger that parents, children and future teachers would be sold short if there was no independent regulatory body to which they could refer. There was also confusion amongst government agencies with no single independent body that they could turn to for advice and guidance on Montessori education.

The immediate priority of Montessori Education (UK) was therefore to establish a means of regulating the standard of Montessori education in the United Kingdom. This was quickly achieved, firstly by setting up a scheme for accrediting schools that embody the principles of the Montessori method, and secondly by establishing a similar scheme for accrediting Montessori training providers, with the result that Montessori Education (UK) has now come to be recognised as the national body for Montessori standards.

Among the members of ME(UK) are Montessori training providers and awarding bodies in the United Kingdom. Each member is represented on the Council of Montessori Education (UK).

Council Members of Montessori Education (UK)

ME(UK) Council Members from left to right:
Louise Livingston, Alex Shepherd, Helen Prochazka, Nuccia Lipscombe (School Accreditation Coordinator) Charlotte Warren, Martha Mason, Patricia Ranken (Company Secretary) and Lynne Lawrence.

Mission Statement

  • To promote quality and excellence in Montessori education and training.
  • To uphold the Montessori ethos of education for peace.
  • To ensure that children are respected and their integrity protected as the architects of the society of the future.